Friday, November 23, 2012

The Turkey Trot and Thanksgiving

So I decided to run the Mesa Turkey trot this year, it is at 10k, 6.2 miles; so I would actually have a goal and make myself go jogging. I went out running several times a week training for this. So, the crazy thing is Kent randomly decided to do run it with me, and push the girls in the stroller along with too, and he hadn't even been training at all! Ok, if I hadn't been training and I had to push the girls in that heavy stroller for 6.2 miles, I would have fallen over dead after 1/2 a mile; there is no way. I thought maybe I can beat Kent; yeah, that would be so awesome to beat Kent in a race! But, then I came to, and remembered that Kent isn't normal, he has some sort of running super powers or something.
It was a good dream though. :)

We were all happy to accomplish our goals. I finished in 58:50, Yes I made it under an hour! Kent and the girls were especially excited to have beaten the Turkey with a time of 47:05. There really was a person running  dressed up as a turkey.

Following the Turkey Trot, we hurried home to make our part of the Thanksgiving feast and give the girls a short nap. After all the hard running, the girls were exhausted and fell asleep in the car on the way home. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time for naps for Mom and Dad.

We then hustled off to my grandparents home a great family gathering. The food was great! Though Anna wouldn't know because she refused to eat the amazing food, instead she only wanted to eat dinner rolls and tangerines. So sad, but what can you do.

Overall, it was a great Thanksgiving Day. We have a lot to be thankful for. (Like oranges turkeys that are pretending to be pilgrim so they won't be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.)

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  1. This explains why your girls are running marathons by 9 months old!! You and Kent have mad running skills.